Pelham Schools Named 'Reward Schools'

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Photo Credit: New York State Education Department

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Several schools throughout Westchester County were named "Reward Schools" by the New York State Education Department.

The schools were cited for their high performance in state required math, English, Regents and language art tests.

Here is a complete list of the schools that were honored by town:


 Ardsley High School


Bedford Village Elementary


Todd Elementary, Briarcliff Middle and Briarcliff High schools


Bronxville Elementary

Byram Hills: Crittenden Middle School


Seven Bridges Middle School and Robert Bell schools


Croton Harmon High School


Greenvale Elementary, Eastchester High schools


Seely Place, Edgemont Junior-Senior High schools


Purchase School


Farragut Middle and Hastings High schools


Main Street and Irvington High schools


John Jay Middle, Katonah Elementary and Meadow Pond Elementary schools


Thomas Jefferson Elementary, Lincoln Titus Elementary, Lakeland and Walter Panas high schools


Chatsworth Avenue and Murray Avenue schools

North Salem: North Salem Middle High School


Colonial Elemntary, Siwanoy Elementary and Pelham High schools


Pleasantville Middle and Pleasantville High schools


Midland Elementary


Greenacres and Edgewood schools


Tuckahoe High School


Valhalla High School


Yorktown High School

Click here to download the Reward School information for the entire state.

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Comments (7)

Hochman is too busy reading Diane Ravitch's endless blog, sucking up to illegals in Mt. Kisco and tweeting about Michael Brown to care about making this school the academic envy of the county. Please let him be. He's a real class act.

I'd like to understand the basis for the classification as a reward school. What is considered high performance? As compared to what? What factors going into the assessment. Before anyone jumps to wondering why their school isn't on the list as mine aren't one needs to understand the details first before jumping to conclusions that there is something wrong with the school vs how the assessments were made

We need change at Bedford Central School District! The superintendent should resign - it is unacceptable that there are not more schools listed here in the district. Our taxes are sky high already and continue to ask for more money every other year. As a resident of Poundridge with children in the pound Ridge elementary school I am sickened by the callous and fiscally irresponsible actions of the board. Check out the superintendent Jerry Hochman's tweets and you will understand that he is not as focused on education as he should be. I pray that a voucher system will be in place by the time my children go to middle school so that I can send them elsewhere.

Pretty disappointing that Pound Ridge is not on this list. What makes PR so different than Bedford Village? How can the gaps be that dramatic? Given the taxation structure in the BCSD and PR's dismal performance, what's the BofE's next play? Hope there will be some forthcoming explanations. Cue the angry parents...

Congratulations Tuckahoe High School!

What is going on with the Hendrick Hudson school district? Time for a new board.

Only one school in Yorktown, but 4 schools in Lakeland. Dr Napolitano and the board need to explain why their other schools did not make the list.