Obama To Attend Two Westchester Fundraisers Friday

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President Barack Obama will attend two fundraisers in Westchester on Friday.
President Barack Obama will attend two fundraisers in Westchester on Friday. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Robert Wolf of Purchase will be hosting President Obama's fundraiser in Purchase.
Robert Wolf of Purchase will be hosting President Obama's fundraiser in Purchase. Photo Credit: UBS America

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- President Barack Obama will be in Westchester County to attend two different fundraisers on Friday, Aug. 29, according to LoHud.com. 

The first event will be a barbecue hosted by investment banker Robert Wolf of Purchase and his wife, Carol, an attorney, to raise funds for the the Democratic National Committee. The second event will be held in New Rochelle and will be more of a round-table event, LoHud.com reported. 

At each event, attendees will be paying up to $32,400 to support the DNC, LoHud.com said. 

Obama just returned from a vacation in Martha's Vineyard, but much of his downtime has been spent fundraising, including 10 events in July, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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Comments (19)

I understand Bill Clinton may also be in the area.. So with both gentlemen present suggest you protect the women cigars and golf courses...


Why won't Obama visit Mount Vernon? Are there too many working class black people in that city who don't even earn $32K a year, let alone afford to pay that amount for a dinner?

Rome is burning and he, as usual, is fundraising! Despicable President plays golf after announcing an American was beheaded by Isis! Don"t you all feel safe from all of this with this traitor as our President????

Wow !

Who is the Party of Money and the 1%'ers ?

The Corporate Inverters whom he hates !

THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!!!!!!! Brilliant at fund raising and golf

your statement implies you want to be led. you arent capable of free decision making and thought. you would have been right behind hitler in the 1930's

Most Obama supporters would be right behind Hitler in 1933 Germany.

President Obama is one of the finest presidents ourr nation has ever had and I support him 100%. I only wish I could afford to attend any of these events and have the absolute privilege and honor of standing in the same room with him so that I might be able to tell him so. The never-ending bashing of this extraordinary leader is abominable. And in reponse to your criticism, President Obama has fully supported Israel throughout his administration, and is currently strategizing on how to bomb the "Islamic State" terrorists off the face of the earth. Your criticism is baseless.

Hmmmm, mdelaney, how about when Bush was president... did you partake in the never-ending bashing then? Did you express your disgust over it? I suppose bashing Bush was okay because he wasn't your "guy". So you are now privy to conversations in the White House and know for a fact he is "strategizing".... actions speak louder than nicely written words. Try looking at the world without the rose-colored glasses and blinkers. Obama is among the worst presidents in our history!

Barack Obama, First Black President (as he demands to be addressed), is one of the worst Presidents in recent decades. He is a typical elitist who enjoys living the high life on other people's money. He is the White House minstrel, who tap dances to the tunes whistled by his Plantation Masters - The Wall Street Bankers (Blankfein, Soros, Dimon, Buffett and all the others). But no fried chicken, watermelon and grape soda for Obama and his big butt wife - they enjoy filet mignon steaks, lobster, and all other high price dining. Those are some of his rewards for being the servant to the WSB. Cornell West is right about Obama.

Please back up your statements with facts? What has he done an extraordinary job on? What has he done to improve this country that is still wallowing 6 yrs after he took office? The criticism is far from baseless and I could enumerate on a multitude of areas where he has failed miserably.

Oh, oh, I thought of something. He was done an extraordinary job of diminishing our status as a world power and making us feel less safe in our own country or when traveling abroad.

Dear mdelaney:

Mr. Obama has bashed Wall Street (and its "fat cats") since taking office- yet, he'll be raising $$$ from wealthy Wall Street bankers (and the liberal elite) here in NR (Premium Point) and Purchase.... The price of admission: Approx. $35K a ticket...

Question: Why not a "brown bag lunch" with the common "folk" (a term he uses regularly)? There are many communities that would love to entertain him...

Answer: The "folks" just don't have the $$$...Which begs the overarching question: Why?

Spot on. He and his minnions are hypocrits.

Everyone is surely entitled to their opinion. However, look at his ACTIONS
during the past month vis a vis Israel. He stopped the re-supply of "Hellfire"
missiles to Israel. His FAA administration ordered all flights to Israel
stopped for two days. He continually urged Israel to "show restraint". Just look at his actions the past 30 days!
As to his foreign policy regarding the Middle East- failures all over...
Islamic State terrorists- Another failure... He talks and talks and plays golf but as for action. Little if any... A leader.. he, sadly, isn't.
Wake up and smell the coffee...

israel is reliant on the united states. as for failures, i would suggest its easier to target states than individual terrorist groups. how have you been affected by these foreign policy decisions?

Lets start listing failures, Affordable care act which isn't affordable and was packed with lies, the IRS scandal, the fact that we have more people who have totally dropped out of the workforce so aren't considered when they calculate the unemployment rate when it really is more like double digits, the fact that we have far more people on food stamps and assistance since he took office, what happened in Benhazi, his failued foreign policy, should I go on.

It is extremely sad to think that there are still Westchester residents who
support the current Obama Administration. Why? Given the history
of President Obama, and his relationship and attitude towards the State of Israel, why continue to support him with money? Stop attending his fund raisers and stop the donations until he understands the reality of Islamic
Terror and fully supports Israel with actions and not just words.