New Rochelle Group Calls On Bill Clinton To Cancel Bramson Appearance

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NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. -- New Rochelle Lincoln Zuber Riders for Justice, a local organization of African-American and Latino leaders, is calling on former President Bill Clinton to cancel a scheduled appearance at a fundraiser for New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson scheduled for Monday, Oct. 21.

“Noam is not deserving of the honor of standing with a real leader that respects the black community," said Mark McLean, a spokesperson for the Zuber Riders in a statement.

Representatives for Bramson called the charges erroneous, pointing to a past statement issued by 12 elected African American officials condemning McLean .

A statement, which was signed by State Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Ken Jenkins and others, called the Zuber Riders "a front for the Astorino campaign."

The group claims that Mayor Bramson has a record of demonstrating hostility toward New Rochelle’s black population and cites past examples of what they call his continuing patter of disrespect. 

"As Mayor and City Councilman, Bramson has voted to destroy the black district in New Rochelle, supported a plan to remove blacks from public housing and locked out the president of the New Rochelle NAACP from the historic Lincoln Park,” Mark McLean said in a statement.

New Rochelle Lincoln Zuber Riders for Justice is an organization of community leaders dedicated to honoring the memory of Paul Zuber, an attorney for the Lincoln school children in New Rochelle, and ensuring that all Westchester residents are aware of the struggle for civil rights in New Rochelle.

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Astorino is no better.....Info for Noam: Rob Astorino knows of a diagnosed psychopath, Robert Levine, who was granted a Westchester County pistol permit! With a history of restraining orders against Mr. Levine along with admitted domestic violence, judge lester adler gave Mr. Levine gun permit-Astorino has all information and is doing nothing.

Ah yes, the hate group. For anyone who wants to know what real African-American leaders think of McLean, check out this statement from Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Ken Jenkins, and other elected African-American officials:

Thanks for the link, the comments have set my day off to a good start! :)

But Noam really only cares about himself and isn't going to look out for the little people. He's not middle class and has no idea what its like to go to work, earn a paycheck and struggle to make ends meet.

If he understood those items, he would think twice before introducing budgets with 10% tax increases or saddling New Rochelle's schools with tax-abated developments that grossly underestimate the number of kids that will use the schools.

Bramson's just wrong for Westchester County. Vote Astorino!

Or maybe Bill Clinton would like to know about Noam Bramson's ONE black friend in high school. I love Noam's excuse: "There are very few black people in honors classes so you don’t get a chance to meet them.” Duh! New Rochelle in the 1980s was a very integrated school. My children attended NR high in the 1980s. They had black friends! Noam just didn't make an effort! is a great website, where did you find it?

The facts are sad but true and it really stings when you see it in writing.

To be fair, let Clinton judge for himself. Here is the Zuber Riders' letter. Note: Astorino has nothing to do with it or the Zuber Riders.

Maybe Bill Clinton will reconsider, and send Monica Lewinsky in his place.