Cuomo To Give State Of The State Address At SUNY-Purchase

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo will speak Thursday morning in Westchester County. Photo Credit: Robert Michelin, File

PURCHASE, N.Y. -- Gov. Andrew Cuomo will head to SUNY-Purchase to deliver his State of the State and Budget Message on Thursday morning, his office announced. 

Cuomo will speak at 11 a.m. at the Performing Arts Center at SUNY-Purchase College, 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase.

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Comments (2)

Francis T McVetty:

You bet if he went upstate he might get booed!


Geez, they announce these events the day of, they get a bunch of seat fillers like students, teachers, politicians and other political hacks. Press and community are not allowed to answer questions and you call this transparent governing.

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