Mount Kisco Masterpiece Stars In Manhattan Exhibition

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This Stone Roberts painting, which calls Mount Kisco home, will be displayed in New York City starting March 20.
This Stone Roberts painting, which calls Mount Kisco home, will be displayed in New York City starting March 20. Photo Credit: Stone Roberts/Contributed

MOUNT KISCO, N.Y. -- Paintings by New York artist Stone Roberts, including "Grand Central Terminal: An Early December Noon in the Main Concourse," which is owned by a Mount Kisco collector, will soon be on display at a new exhibit.

Daily Voice Founder and Chair Carll Tucker shared his thoughts on the new exhibit.

Few sights are more familiar to Westchester and Fairfield neighbors than the inside of Grand Central Station. We hurry up and down those grand stairs and across the wide marble floors hurrying somewhere else. Sometimes we pause to admire, but mostly we’re focused on where we’re headed.

Stone Roberts' painting "Grand Central Terminal: An Early December Noon in the Main Concourse" shows us what we’re missing. Click on it, enlarge it, explore the hundreds of travelers and workers who make this a saga of the human adventure. Bask in the light streaming in from the west, which transform a railway station into a vision of heaven.

Painted in 2012, this large canvas has already become something of a celebrity. The Museum for the City of New York has featured the painting since 2012. Visitors who missed it there can discover it and other recent works by Stone Roberts at an exhibition at Hirschl & Adler Modern from March 20 through April 26. Happily for Westchester and Fairfield residents, this celebrated painting makes its permanent home in Mount Kisco.

Full disclosure: Stone and I have been closest friends since we were college roommates. I have watched the painting of Grand Central Terminal and many of his masterpieces daub by painstaking daub. When my kids were small they played starring roles in several stunning canvases.

My friendship with Stone doesn’t affect my eyesight. Check out his work at his website if you want to feast on some of the sumptuous still-lives and interior scenes created in our time.

I have watched crowds stand and gawk at Grand Central Terminal slack-jawed with astonishment at beauty and scope of its accomplishment. Don’t miss it.

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