Relief May Be In Sight For Pelham Area Drivers

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Drivers in the Pelham area may soon find relief at the gas pump.
Drivers in the Pelham area may soon find relief at the gas pump. Photo Credit: Justin Stock

PELHAM, N.Y. – While gas prices typically drop in the weeks following Labor Day, New Rochelle and Pelham residents may have noticed there’s been no relief at the pump recently.

Though the summer driving season is over, New Yorkers continue to pay among the most for gas, averaging $4.14 per gallon – tied with Connecticut as the second highest prices in the nation. They trail only California, which averages $4.32 per gallon.

AAA New York spokesperson Robert Sinclair Jr. said, however, that the situation is going to change.

“Relief should be in sight. It might take weeks, but it should be in sight,” he said. “We’re out of the summer driving season, and we don’t have the same demand. That said, we’re still vulnerable because we’re in hurricane season until Nov. 30, and whatever goes on overseas can have an effect on us.”

He also said stations have switched to the cheaper winter-blend gas, which will help hold prices down.

Sinclair said the East and West coasts are experiencing inventory problems, which are leading to the increased gas prices.

“The rest of the country is seeing prices drop, but we’re experiencing spikes on both coasts,” he said. “The prices flattened for awhile, but then they jumped up because of refinery and inventory issues.”

Nationally, prices have settled at $3.78 average per gallon, down approximately 4 cents from a month ago. However, prices in New York have risen 15 cents on average as the state deals with the lack of inventory.

“'For our region, we just don’t have the inventory to deal with the demand,” Sinclair said. “We just have to deal with surges in the market when they happen.”

Locally, the cheapest gas can currently be found at the Gulf Station on New Rochelle’s North and Fifth Avenue, for $3.99 a gallon; premium will cost $4.35 to $4.45 per gallon.

Manager Mustapha Seid said residents pay more at the pump if they go to other gas stations. “They pay too much,” he said.                                           

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