Racial Tweets After Section 1 Basketball Playoff Game Spark Outcry

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Players from the Mount Vernon boys basketball team were the target of racist comments on Twitter following a basketball game agains Mahopac recently.
Players from the Mount Vernon boys basketball team were the target of racist comments on Twitter following a basketball game agains Mahopac recently. Photo Credit: File

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. -- Students from Mahopac High School who allegedly made racist comments on Twitter following the school's loss to Mount Vernon in the Section 1 boys basketball semifinals have drawn the ire of school officials from both districts, according to CBS New York. 

Mount Vernon School Superintendent Judith Johnson sent a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and State Education John King requesting the event be characterized as a civil rights violation and that an investigation be conducted. You can read the letter here.

One Tweet following the game on Thursday, Feb. 27 read "This is why you shouldn't let monkeys out of their cages." Another Tweet was a photo of the Confederate flag. There are some accounts that an actual flag was pulled out during the game at the Westchester County Center, CBS New York said.

Mount Vernon's basketball team has a number of black players on the roster, CBS New York reported. 

The Mahopac School District has suspended three students for their actions and the school's Superintendent said that more suspensions could be coming, according to News 12 Westchester

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Comments (12)

Disgraceful behavior from all: What ever happened to civility / respect / sportsmanship? Aren't we all God's children? I'm no "holy-roller" but I think we need some serious introspection in our daily lives and less hate...

Monkeys have thin lips, flat butts and straight hair all over their bodies. Who else looks like that? These Mahopac losers should look in the mirror.


Who is deleting my comments !

Where was the adult supervision at the game. The media reported that insults were traded on both sides and the situation escalated.
Stupid, stupid kids. Don't you know that your names have been blasted all across the country just when you are applying to college. Do google search of your names and your hateful comments will follow you.
The Talmud says that children repeat in the street what they hear at home.
Sounds like it is time for the adults as well as children to take some responsibility.

Yes Cgirlny, it's freedom of speech, and yes, they have a right to be stupid. But, they're also consequences to one's stupid actions. It's a basketball game. One team lost and the other team won. But since the Twitter commenters decided to say such things as "...monkeys out of their cages" crossed the line. Smack talk is allowed, but to be so disrespectful and ignorant is unacceptable. These are high school students. They are going to be college students, going into the workforce, they are going to work for companies and organizations or create their own company and have to deal with a diverse group of people in their endeavors.
They forget that everything they post on social media is going to be seen by others. You're allowed to be dumb and stupid in this country. You're also allowed to remain silent, not every thought needs to be shared via social media. And now, because of them, Mahopac High Schools reputation, as well as their own is tainted. This is not the way that educated people in an organized, civilized society, should behave towards one another.
Now, I don't think it's a civil rights violation. It wasn't the school that violated, or even the basketball players, it was just the fans from my comprehension. These students should be reprimanded accordingly.
Congratulations to Mt. Vernon High School for being the top seeded basketball team and advancing to the playoffs!

Perfectly stated !

And this is from children. Imagine how their parents must act. It's almost funny that they would even think that they could beat Mount Vernon HS

Freedom of speech is a b*tch, but that's what it is. Just people making stupid comments. It's their right. They did not violate anyone's civil rights. Stop the emotion and use your heads. Calm down and think clearly, Gov Cuomo. Don't rush to judgment.

Cgirl, if you have thin lips, a flat butt and straight hair all over your body, is it ok for someone to call you a monkey, even though that is what a monkey looks like too?

Racism, hatred and ignorance should never be tolerated...

You are so very ignorant....those are clearly racist remarks which demonstrates nothing but hatred and should not be ignored.

Oh my snow snow.....Cgirlny didn't think that Mahopac students violated anyone's civil rights with their free speech. So why is it wrong for me to respond with free speech. Like she said, it's their rights. At least what I said is true.