Astorino Moves Forward With Flood Mitigation Projects

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County Executive Rob Astorino recently submitted legislation to the County Board of Legislators to advance $1.85 million flood mitigation projects. Photo Credit: File Photo

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- County Executive Rob Astorino recently submitted legislation to the County Board of Legislators to advance $1.85 million flood mitigation projects. 

The projects employ best practices in stormwater management to enhance each site’s capacity for storing and absorbing floodwaters, as well as improving water quality and enhancing the sites’ visual appearance, representatives said.

"At the county’s Saxon Woods Park, located in parts of Mamaroneck and Harrison, nine acres of floodplain along 1,400 feet of the Mamaroneck River will be restored at a cost of $600,000," representatives said. "The severely eroded riverbank will be stabilized with rock revetment supplemented by vegetation. Along the river, invasive vines will be replaced with hundreds of tree saplings and other vegetation that will stabilize the soil and greatly improve water absorption and filtration."

The county completed similar improvements to nine acres along the river directly to the north in 2012. 

In Eastchester and Yonkers, south of the Harney Road Bridge in the county’s Bronx River Parkway Reservation, 750 feet along both sides of the Bronx River will be stabilized at a cost of $1.25 million.

"Severe erosion and sedimentation are aggravating flooding conditions and threatening the park pathway. River sediment will be relocated, thereby widening the river channel, and the riverbank will be re-graded. Stone structures within the channel will re-direct water flow to lessen the threat of bank erosion and sedimentation," representatives said. 

“These projects are part of a larger and ongoing effort to address the impacts of flooding in the county,” Astorino said. “Last year we completed the rehabilitation of the Oak Street Pump Station in Yonkers that was damaged by Superstorm Sandy. The County Center is now buffered from the impacts of flooding thanks to stormwater management projects along the banks of the Bronx River. There are many complex factors that cause flooding and we will continue to maximize our resources to address them.”

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It's things like this that make me like Rob Astorino. Maybe the governor's seat is a longshot, but at least he's not worried about trying to build a national profile like Andrew Cuomo. I want someone who's focused on getting things done for us little people.

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