Westchester's Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Actress Cheryl Hines Wed

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr., above, was married twice before tying the knot with actress Cheryl Hines on Saturday.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., above, was married twice before tying the knot with actress Cheryl Hines on Saturday. Photo Credit: File photo

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Mount Kisco resident Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and actress Cheryl Hines were married Saturday.

The marriage occurred at the Kennedy compound at Hyannis Port, Mass., according to the New York Post.

Kennedy, 60, and Hines, 48, reportedly began dating in 2012 and became engaged at the end of April.

The marriage is Kennedy's third and Hines' second. 

Kennedy, one of Robert F. and Ethel Kennedy's 11 children, has six of his own children from his previous marriages. Hines, of  HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" fame, has one daughter.

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Comments (13)

Dont let him buy rope no finger prints on rope

I'm aware I've ready left a comment, but in plain English, [the men in] that family has left nothing but heartache, fakery & death in its wake... Like I said, they are the WORST kind of people. (Btw shame on the Catholic Church for supporting them as well...

B very very careful

Cheryl Hines had better be very careful in everything she says and does from now on. The Kennedy men have a reputation for being misogynists, and sometimes they even kill their "beloved" women,

His brother the kicker He known as hangman

Congratulations, Cheryl, you just married a serial cheater. You should be proud.

These are the KENNEDYs do you expect anything less than this behavior.

Great examples for their children, the beat will go on as others have noted.

They have been anointed by our mass media, can do no wrong, expect our admiration while providing examples to be emulated by all.


Cheryl, Cheryl, Cheryl. I guess this is what happens when you have too much time on your hands. If Larry David hadn't written you out of Curb Your Enthusiasm (which was not your fault, you are incredible in the show, but Larry was going for a different storyline) and produced additional seasons, you would have been kept busy in California. Instead you came back to New York and hooked up with this serial philanderer. What in the world were you thinking?

The Kennedy's have left a wake of destruction in their paths and yet the American press refers to them as royalty! I hope one day the families of Mary Kennedy, Mary Jo Kopechne, Mary Skakel find peace, since justice has never been served! More recently the assault on nurses @ Northern Westchester Hospital by Douglas Kennedy and the acquittal of Kerry Kennedy for driving under the influence (no one sleeps through hitting a truck after taking 10 mg of ambien!!)proved that their dispickible lack of morality is allowed to continue!!

Agreed, agreed, agreed! What's with this ridiculous agenda to give these people elevated status?? Just the worst .... & Joe should move to his beloved Venezuela.

The wedding was on the same land where Mary is buried. If THAT wasn't enough sign for Cheryl not to tie the knot with this guy, then there's no hope for her, ever.

The New York Times article about the wedding today had the audacity of referring to RFK as a widower. Right.

But, but... I thought they were just "friends" ... that's what they said when his wife killed herself. LOL!