Staples To Close 225 Stores, 10 Westchester Locations Could Be Affected

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Office supply giant Staples will close 12-percent of its American stores by the end of the year.
Office supply giant Staples will close 12-percent of its American stores by the end of the year. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Office supply giant Staples plans to close up to 225 of its North American stores by the end of the year and its 10 Westchester locations could be among those that shutter its operations, according to NBC News.

The closures reportedly amount to roughly 12-percent of Staples total stores on the continent, as the market moves to online sales.

Staples is hoping to slash company costs by $500 million by the end of 2015, according to the article.

Staples has Westchester locations in Elmsford, Larchmont, Mount Kisco, Mount Vernon, Port Chester, Scarsdale, White Plains, Yonkers and Yorktown.

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Comments (10)

The stores in the Staples Plaza will become much more attractive to potential customers once Costco is approved and they know that there will be additional customers in the area. Part of the former bank is apparently going to be a burger chain (Burger Fi), there has been discussion about it at one of the boards. BTW, the Staples on Central Park Avenue in Yonkers is apparently closing. I strongly doubt that the one in Yorktown would close as they're usually busy.

If Staples an Office Depot could merge maybe something could come out of it. Mergers have been going on for many years It would take a lot of legalize and brilliant people, but I think it would help both do better, and cetainly raise unemployment, if the store folds.

Office Depot and Staples tried to merge several years ago and did not get anti-trust approval. Office Depot and OfficeMax recently merged, but they're still operating under both names. I'm personally amazed that the OfficeMax in the Cortlandt Town Center has survived this long. They are almost never busy and their customer service is just terrible.

The Home Guru works both sides, dealing in real estate and then using his PR firm to represent them. If he were a politician it might be a conflict of interest. As for BJ's folding because of Costco thats absurd, whats wrong with competition. The NBC report makes no mention of what stores will be closing. Staples when they opened put the thief out of business on Rt 6 who sold a box of #10 envelopes back then foe like $20-25....Staples sold them for $ much for Mom & Pop stores, heck they didnt even give us vaseline.

Exactly how is that a conflict of interest???

Bring back the 202 Egg Farm next to the Costco site with the cows, horses and the apple trees. The Mohansic Indians never complained about high taxes and the lack of sewers, water was free, and every one had a job.
RT. 202 is over built.

If Staples closes in Yorktown, then we will be left with THREE empty big box stores in the BJ's shopping center. What will happen if the town board ( minus one member) gives it's approval to Costco and BJ's goes out of business? Who is going to rent these large stores when the town board keeps giving it's approval for new development.The only people in this town who care about blight are those that are opposed to Costco. Where is the responsible leadership in this town going to come from when our town board can't even pass a resolution to allow the public to elect a new town councilperson.

You're just another uninformed, uneducated jackass, who has diarhea of the mouth. BJ's just opened a store in the same vicinity of Costco in CT. Do you think they would have opened it if they thought they'd go out of business?? Costco provides competition and a different variety of products as well. You're looking for leadership?? Try looking to the leader of the Chamber of Commerce to solicit businesses to move into all the empty spaces in Yorktown now!! Ask the "Home Guru" of real estate to find clients to rent the commercial spaces. Better yet..why not ask the Town Council to force lower rents on the landlords of these properties.

How can the town board force landlords to lower their rents?

Your comments are vile.

Instead of addressing the real issue of the 2 presently empty stores in the BJ's Plaza and the possibility of another vacant storefront, you choose to take the low road.
I can assure you that I am more educated than you, I certainly have more class.